Would you like to spend a night or two on our farm? Live with our farm families?

We have simple but comfortable accommodation in our rice barn for two people,a terrace in front and a comfortable bed inside. Join our families and relax on our idyllic farm.

We do have hot showers and Western toilets. You can just come and chill out or we can arrange a programme of activities including a walk in the mountain jungle, see the abandoned temple, have a massage by the blind masseurs, get a cooking class by our dinner ladies and join our team in a game of Rattan ball or Cross bow shooting.

Have dinner with our farm family.

Or would you like to weave your own bamboo hat or forge a knife with our blacksmith?

Call us and we can arrange a programme of activities to suit you.

Our original rice grinder

Our simple but comfortable Homestay bungalow

Inside our Homestay

A guest checking the rice cooker!